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St. Hilarion Castle
     This castle is probable that the northern coast against the Arab raids in the west area of the three medieval castles built on the Five Finger Mountains. Kyrenia Castle which was built with the same purpose, securing the northern part of the island were asked to be taken.

     700 meters above sea level, located on the very steep hill to the castle of two in the 10th century as a monastery and church were added. Its present name after the castle of Jerusalem conquered by the Arabs who migrated to Cyprus and the last years of life spent in worship here was a saint.

     Although there is no definite information about the history of the castle built for the first time on behalf of the records found in 1191'li years. Despite living a period of strategic importance, and later served as the summer resort of the Lusignan nobility.

     The invention of firearms and the importance of defending the coastline, with its functionality and importance like the Kantara and lost Buffavento castles.

Kyrenia Castle
     Kyrenia Castle has several sections, you can witness history. Wandering the castle, a small island of Cyprus, despite so many people who consider the island throughout its history will agree with you.

     Kyrenia Kordonboyu'nda progresses, color restaurants.Near, a magnificent historic building of fishing boats and yachts will meet you. History is to miss not visiting Kyrenia Castle Kyrenia gelipte.

The Bellapais Monastery
     Bellapais Abbey in Kyrenia was built between 1158 and 1205. North coast of Cyprus, with all hükmedebilen opinion and beautiful mountain scenery to be seen in the Gothic style of architecture is one of the most important sights and monuments. There is a hall used as a concert hall today in Monastir, which kept a barrage of bullets during the war years, this room today, there are still traces of lead.
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