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Great Khan
     Turkish monuments in Nicosia at the beginning in terms of historical and architectural values are the Great Khan. In 1572 the first Ottoman governor of the island is considered to be built by Muzaffer Pasha Beylerbeyi. Building on a rectangular plan, two-storey building, constructed around a large courtyard, arches and a domed porch lined rooms open. Obvious places where the stones were of various structures and the Great Khan. In the same way in the middle of the courtyard, the mosque built on marble columns and pillars that are likely to be taken from another building. Six-pointed, conical head stone of the chimney, this small domed mosque, the Turkish-style architecture, complete the important elements of the inn. Shops at ground floor rooms of the inn, was used as a warehouse and office. Octagonal chimney in the upstairs rooms with fireplaces in each bedroom. Although common Anatolia the like, a difference which is available. Inns, and caravanserais of this type usually have a single main door, although they are located than an entry in the Great Khan.

Han Gamblers
     17. century. made at the end of an Ottoman structure. Rates of the Gothic arch shape and structure of the gate is embroidered belt and Ottoman architectural style is contrary to other pre-existing structure because of the - probably a monastery - is thought to be started. Structure is built on a rectangular plan, two storeys high and no mosque. Passengers will remain upstairs rooms, the lower ground floor accommodation of animals and objects odalarsa used for storage purposes.

Museum of Barbarism
     Museum of Barbarism, Irfan Bey Second Street District's capital Nicosia, the beach. Single-story museum, a lovely garden and a full house in the corner in fact. Mr Ilhan's wife later this street the name of the Municipality of Nicosia "Ilhan Mürüvvet Street as" changed. Museum opened on January 1, 1966. It was repaired in 1975. Decision of Council of Ministers was nationalized in 1980. Black and white photos on the walls of the museum as a result of Greek massacres of December 21 1963, female, male, young, old Cypriot martyr edilişlerini guide our efforts, this guide our efforts of their homes, villages and burned down today reflects the fall ...
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